Smoke Rings

How to blow a smoke ring:
1.    Draw a mouthful of smoke from your Vaporizer, but don’t inhale, keep it in your mouth.
2.    Move your tongue to the back of your throat, but keep the tip at the bottom of your mouth and your mouth closed.
3.    Open your mouth as wide as possible and make an ‘o’ shape, with your lips curled out. (Don’t exhale yet.)
4.    Clench the back of your throat and emit a very light cough, lasting just a fraction of a second. (To get an idea of how much pressure to make, gently tap your cheeks and see how much smoke comes out.)
5.    Now, very gently blow this ‘cough’ out, being careful to keep your tongue out of the way and not to move your lips or jaw. You also want to keep some of the smoke in your mouth for a second ring.
6.    To make your rings travel faster or further, push out your jaw and purse your lips just before the ring leaves your mouth.

Advanced technique- add some spin:
Once you’ve mastered basic smoke rings, add some back-spin by pushing your tongue forward in your mouth (keep the tip down) just before it leaves your lips.
That’s all there is to it. But of course, everyone can get a little stage fright with an audience, so best to practice in front of the mirror in the comfort of home.