Strains that Pair Perfectly with Vaporizers


4 Strains that Pair Perfectly with Vaporizers

December 11th, 2015 by Sponsored Post

If you enjoy having a choice, there are many options when it comes to the varieties of cannabis. Whether it be the smell, effect, appearance, or taste that you’re after, you’ll never run out of new things to try. With so many choices it can easily become overwhelming, so here are 4 strains that all cannabis users should familiarize themselves with and the vaporizers that pair perfectly with them.

Blue Dream


Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that first grew its roots in California. This cross between the sativa haze and a blueberry indica makes for a smooth transition into a gentle euphoria that has earned this strain its legendary status. For those that seek complete physical relaxation with their cannabis, this strain will suit your needs while lifting your spirits. Although some phenotypes reveal a more sedative effect, the types that are sativa dominant are more well known. Patients that are faced with depression, pain, and nausea will find comfort in this offspring of the heavy indica Blueberry. If you come across some fresh Blue Dream flowers, throw some in a dry herb vaporizer like one of our favorites, the Titan II.

Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel, is a bold sativa that got its name from its intoxicating fuel-like aroma. Like most head highs, the fast acting effects felt from this legendary strain range in bursts of energy to a dreamy haze that creeps up slowly.  Also known as Sour D, this descendant of Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and a skunk phenotype was born in Colorado to a Chemdawg grower who intended on sharing it with other cultivators. In terms of its medicinal uses, relief from stress, depression, anxiety, and pain is to be expected after consuming sour diesel. In order to truly enjoy the flavor of this tasty dry herb, we suggest The Black Scale herb vaporizer for consumption.

Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout Cookies is the potent offspring of the indica dominant OG-Kush and pure sativa Durban Poison.  The sweet and earthy aroma of this orange haired hybrid is a misleading representation of the powerful mind blowing high that comes from within it. Even though the kush brings about pain relief, it’s the mental escape into space that stands out most about this strain. Its great for tackling pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, making it very popular in the medical community. If you’re looking for something slightly different in appearance and effect, Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies are two common phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies that bring about their own flare. If you come across some Girl Scout Cookies concentrates, enjoy a healthy dab on your rig through a domeless quartz nail that fits inside 14 millimeter female glass joints.

Jack Herer


Jack Herer is a 55 percent sativa dominant strain that takes its name from marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. European seed company Sensi Seeds created this variety in the mid-1990’s to combine the cerebral high of sativas along with the heavy resin production is typical of indicas. Genetically, Herer is a haze hybrid along with a northern lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross that accounts for its unique blend of effects. Anyone that wants to taste this spicy pine-scented strain in concentrate form should buy themselves a micro G Pen vape and bask in its award winning quality.