Black Widow marijuana strain referred to as the evil sister to the White Widow marijuana strain. Just as is the case with the White Widow marijuana strain, the Black Widow marijuana strain has a very high THC concentration (up to 28%), and will put you on the couch for long periods of time if you consume too much. Of course, if that’s the desired effect, then by all means consume as much Black Widow as you want. The Black Widow marijuana strain was bred by Mr. Nice Seed Bank, and won first place at the 1995 Cannabis Cup

  • Strain Hybrid Sativa
  • Taste Much to my surprise this bud tasted like it smelled, very fruity, very smooth and has a finish like no other I could taste a blend of citrus rinds for several minutes after every puff.
  • Effects Very sativa like effects very energetic as well as a nice body buzz and I was very clear with no headaches